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Reevaluating My Company To A Stronger Eco Path

07 May 2022 11:51 AM | Bryan Angstman

We already have been doing all our cleaning green but this does open a new door of credibility in our marketing and how the clients will perceive our company.  Wear we have been doing commercial flooring for years we have also recently began offering a full green commercial janitorial service.  It has been limited because of the lack of staff available now. But as we begin to boost our staff, this will open a new pathway giving us a credibility I see very few of the companies in the area offering. 

I am a big believer in education of the clients and sometimes my passion in this even costs me clients.  Those clients just were not a good fit for our company.  As we begin to promote our commercial part of the business, I want to find new ways to give education again not only to our staff but offering it to the companies as well.  There are a lot of small things we can offer which would make a company green.  A greener version of recycling and bathroom or kitchen products being used which we can supply for the client.  These are minor items which done on a large scale make a huge difference. 

Another part of building a stronger green program is to improve our HCS training.  Getting our staff more familiar with SDS sheets and doing better with our training and using safety procedures around all the chemicals we have.  Also, because so many of our staff rarely get to the office we need to have SDS packages with each truck or equipment pack that is in the field.


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