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Make A Move To Green Cleaning

25 May 2022 7:47 AM | Bryan Angstman

As an Eco Consultant, I work with many companies who see the writing on the wall and are focusing on transitioning their company to a healthier Eco-friendlier business.  Our world is in a global crisis and many of the government agencies are slow to react, seeing this we all know what direction that industry must take and what changes they need to make.  As business owners and managers, we often want to stick to what is known and comfortable to us but as industry leaders we realize changes need to be made.  One small but far-reaching change businesses can make is to transition to green janitorial companies. 

This offers a 3-fold boost to any company who makes the change.  To begin with, the eco perspective in this is becomes part of the company wide transition.  This is really seen more by the employees and is a big part in showing them the company’s commitment to being globally intentioned with eco transition even if a small local company.  The second boost is health oriented.  Using eco products can create much a heathier environment for the entire office.  Simply having information sheets posted with statements like “We Use Safe Eco Products for All Our Cleaning and Janitorial Needs Creating A Healthier Office and Earth!” allows employees to know they are working in a company that cares.  Finally, it offers a foot hold of transition to demonstrating to the public this is a company that cares and is making changes.

Making this transition is easy since there are more and more cleaning companies moving to Green or Eco Cleaning.  There are also a few evaluations you should follow in finding these companies.  First make sure the company you hire is a purely Green Cleaning Company!  We are seeing a lot of companies advertising as such and then using traditional chemical products.  This has been coined Green Washing and has become a problem in the industry.  The second part in finding the best cleaning company to make sure they are green certified.  There are several organizations offering green cleaning certifications the best is the International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association (IJCSA).  You can find these companies in your local area at  If you have any questions feel free to contact me at


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