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How Being Green Cleaning Certified Will Help My Company

11 May 2022 8:15 AM | Bryan Angstman

I became a green cleaning company a long time and it has been a process where I now help other cleaning companies move to becoming green.  I started out as a carpet cleaning company but one thing that became very clear as I went from a traditional company to a green company was that people gave me more authority.  My clients started to treat me with more respect and my opinions and knowledge became much more valuable to them.  I have a master’s degree in business but it was the forward thinking in transitioning my company that created an heir of authority my clients give to me.

When you make it happen to take the time to educate yourself through the IJCSA courses, this certification shows your clients you are not just another cleaning company or even just a company calling yourself green.  You have a process that designates you as being an expert in this field.  One this about being an elite, you will now see the best of companies start to look at you and what you can offer because they don’t want the schmuck who hasn’t read a label on product in 10 years in their building.  They are looking for the educated company that has a view of where the cleaning industry is going.

This Green Certification shows that you’re a company moving in a progressive direction.  It allows you to advertise this distinction and demonstrates to companies an ethical imperative that is truly unique to this industry.  You can increase this authority by education and offering of programs which make it simple for companies to become more ecological such as proper recycling and eco kitchen/bath use products.

The green certification course also allows for you to review many of your own practices and how they can be upgraded for better results.  In doing this, I will start educating my client base as well as the cleaners I work with some of the information I have picked up during the course.  This should not only increase my knowledge by way of review but demonstrate my own knowledge on the green perspective as a cleaner.


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