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Great Customer Service

22 Jan 2022 4:49 PM | Michael Frei

First, basic manners and friendly behavior are the foundation of showcasing great customer service. It makes the interaction more enjoyable for you and your customer.

Second, great customer service starts by knowing your customers and their needs. Taking time to put yourself in their shoes and thinking about what is important to them and what their concerns may be is a great start. Then, start to think how you can meet and exceed their needs, what would make that person really happy. In a conversation, ask questions and make sure you fully understand their needs, by mirroring back what their needs are.

Follow up with a quick phone call to thank them for their business and making sure they are happy. If expectations are not met, work toward  finding a solution, which may include issuing a partial or full refund.

At IJCSA, members learn what it takes to create happy customers. 


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