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Harmful effects of using everyday cleaning chemicals compared to using Natural Green Products

10 Aug 2022 3:46 PM | Brian Scott

Choosing Green Cleaning products over everyday cleaning chemicals can be a life changing decision. 

Ordinary cleaning chemicals can be sweet-smelling and make our lives easier, but we have to remember that they could also be harmful to our health and the environment. For example, bleach and ammonia, to name a couple can cause serious damage to our skin, lungs, throat and eyes when not properly used. Ammonia can cause asthmatic complications and bleach can cause migraines and muscle weakness.

Green cleaning products shouldn't contain hazardous chemicals. They are safer and more suitable for everyday use around your homes and facilities. Green cleaning products are less harmful to the environment and doesn't contain chemicals that can cause significant pollution to our water and often use recyclable packaging, free of dyes and chlorine. 

Always take reasonable precautions to storing cleaning products and to always wear your PPE when using cleaning chemicals. 


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