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Bloodborne Pathogen Safety

23 Mar 2023 5:10 PM | Anonymous

Blooborne Pathogen safety is important in the cleaning environment workplace. It is important for all employees and owners to be educated on the prevention of bloodborne pathogen exposure especially when working in a medical environment because exposure can lead to injury and even death.

Important precaution is to be taken when cleaning medical offices such as wearing proper PPE including protective clothing/gowns, glove, eyewear, face shields, and facemasks. All PPE should be properly disposed after each use to prevent future infection. Workers are subject to risk of any SHARPS which refers to any type of needles, scalpel, razor, scissor, wire, rectractor, clamp, pin, staple, cutter, glass item, or anything that can potentially break skin if exposed.

Exposure to sharps can lead to infections such as tuberculosis, diphtheria, herpes, malaria, ebola, HBV, HCV, HIV, and more. These conditions can be life-threatening illnesses.


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