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The importance of cleaning employees & staff knowing about bloodborne pathogens

20 Aug 2022 2:15 PM | Anthony Epps

The topic regarding knowledge on bloodborne pathogens is a big risk to employees working as cleaners. Cleaning employees are very likely to come in contact with bodily fluid, which can spread disease to others unknowingly. PPE is extremely important for staff to wear, being given by the owner of the cleaning company. Universal precaution should always be use at all times, thinking that you may have a chance of being exposed to bloodborne pathogens.   

In the event that staff comes into contact with bloodborne pathogens, staff should be PPE prepared and utilizes the training that they received to address the possible issues with bloodborne pathogens.

Training for Bloodborne pathogens for staff should be a great help for staff to prepare for the unknown situations that may happen during one's shift. Not having trained staff is against the law and put a lot of people at risk for bloodborne pathogens and not being knowledgeable about how to clean and deal with the problems accordingly.


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