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Implementing Medical Cleaning Practices Into Other Residential & Commercial Cleaning Situations

04 Jun 2022 3:32 PM | Kimberly Rodgers

Can you bring your medical style cleaning into a home or office setting? There are some similarities in the different styles of cleaning. Medical style cleaning is an important addition to home and office though!

Cleaning the home or office makes everyone happy! Everything is beautiful and smells amazing! You can even deep clean and make it sparkle and shine! But are you helping your client by not getting that real clean that gets rid of viruses, bacteria and germs?

Medical Cleaning gets rid of them! You are not just cleaning and shining, you are helping them stay healthy. It is the deeper cleaning of surfaces that are high traffic areas. That high level disinfectant cleaning that we sometimes need.

So yes you can bring Medical Style cleaning to your home or office setting! You can find many qualified companies that are Medical Cleaning Certified in your area right here!


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