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benefits of IJCSA certification courses

23 May 2022 7:50 PM | Kimberly Rodgers

Before I started these courses I was just a house cleaner. I used normal cleaning products. Stayed inside my happy housekeeper box. After taking the courses I feel like a different person. I am no longer in my happy housekeeper box. Now my eyes have opened to see the Cleaning world in a new way. From the top of my box of course!

Carpet cleaning has always just been grab a rug doctor and go. Now I know other ways to spot treat along with equipment to use. I didnt even realize how many types of carpets and carpet blends there were until this course. It was just a soft floor that I vacuumed.

Green cleaning was so informational. I tend to be on the more natural side of things. But I was not as far into green cleaning as I could have been. I knew some chemicals were worse than others health wise, but had never gone in depth with it all. I cannot believe some of the things I was using in my own home, let alone other peoples homes.

Medical Cleaning is something I have done frequently over the years. But it really is a great course for anyone to take! (new or as a refresher) It along with the Janitorial course were great! They kind of go hand in hand.

The mold course is my second favorite course here! As a cleaner I have had to deal with all kinds of mold and mildew. This course was amazing for anyone wanting to go into mold remediation or just wanting information. It was so informative and I absolutely loved it!!

Now to my hands down favorite course. Biohazard Cleaning!! Although the job can be sad and emotionally draining, it is still my favorite cleaning of them all! I love the process and the order of operations the most.

All in all this course was very informative and exciting. I would suggest it to everyone even if they are not a cleaner. There are so many interesting things in this course.


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