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Why is properly cleaning healthcare facilities so important.

05 Aug 2022 12:10 PM | Robert&Tammy Harris

  A properly cleaned healthcare facility is very important. Whether it is an Urgent Care, Doctors Office, or what most of us instantly think when we hear healthcare facility, a Hospital. These may be different in purpose but they have one thing in common, they can all harbor dangerous germs, viruses and bacteria. If not cleaned properly it can put it's occupants at great risk and you at a great risk while visiting these facilities. The cleaning companies found on the IJCSA JANITORIAL SERVICES DIRECTORY know how to keep you protected.

  HAI's or (Hospital Associated Infections) are often thought of as an infection received while in a hospital, but these HAI's can be anywhere in a healthcare facilities network. If you go to a doctor's office or an urgent care and expose an open wound you could get an infection from a surface that hasn't been cleaned properly.

  Using the correct method to clean these facilities will greatly reduce HAI's in healthcare settings. Cleaning from dry to wet, top to bottom and least contaminated to most contaminated. Following these steps while using the correct method and hospital approved disinfectants will eliminate cross contamination and remove the dangerous germs, viruses and bacteria. When cleaned properly in between patients or at night by the cleaner, it protects both the occupants and patients. Medical cleaning certified companies can be found here.


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