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Harmful Effects of Using Everyday Cleaning Chemicals Compared to Natural Cleaners

23 Jun 2022 7:49 AM | Kaydence McKnight

Switching to "green" or natural cleaning products can make a significant difference in not only you and your family's life but also in the environment around you. Using green products will result in better health, especially respiratory, as well as giving you clean conscience of not harming the environment when you clean. With natural ingredients, you eliminate the health and ecosystem risks that come with using the harmful chemicals found in everyday cleaners.

These toxic chemicals like bleach, ammonia, and other household cleaners are extremely detrimental to our health and to the world we live in. The production, distribution, and use of these products harms the users and pollutes the air/environment around them. Constant inhalation or skin contact with a toxic chemical like Chlorine can cause long-term health issues such as respiratory issues, loss of eye sight, and many skin issues. Additionally, when these products are made and used they release even more toxic gasses into the air. When these synthetic chemicals are introduced into a natural environment, the ecosystem there is thrown off balance and the toxicity could potentially destroy it.

Fortunately, we have advanced far enough in science and health to know that these chemicals are toxic and what can be used in place of them. With the technology we have, we can create natural cleaners that aren't harmful to us or the environment and still work just as well as the synthetic ones. Furthermore, there are natural ingredients that exist already and can be used in place of these toxic ones. Some natural products that can be used as cleaners are lemon, baking soda, vinegar, borax, and many other household products. Many of these substances can be mixed to create your own natural cleaners.

Using or creating your own natural cleaners is easy and effective. Doing this will also keep you and your family safe from the risks of toxic chemicals. Although, its important to really look at the natural cleaners you purchase to determine if its actually a green cleaner. Many companies say that their products are natural when in reality they still contain loads of harmful ingredients or are made in an unethical way. This is called greenwashing and you should thoroughly investigate any company that claims to be all natural before using their products. All natural companies will be completely transparent about their business operations and should have all the information you need on their websites.

Making the switch to natural cleaning may take some time but every step towards going natural is a step in the right direction. Going all natural only has benefits and keeps you safe while cleaning. By doing this, you are singlehandedly making the world a better place to live in. Make the switch to green cleaning today!


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