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the importance of janitorial staff

29 Jun 2022 8:55 PM | Jyden Ladd

The janitorial staff plays an important role for companies but are generally underappreciated. The work the janitorial staff does allows people to perform their task stress free and safe from harmful materials. Everyone is aware of the impact of a messy environment can cause including lack of focus and time away from projects because of the time it takes to clean up their environment. Time is money and companies doesn't need role specific jobs to lose focus at task at hand. 

Janitorial staff plays a bigger role than just mental health. Places like medical centers couldn't operate in a messy environment which would allow a variety of viruses and bacteria to compromise medical practice. Surgeries and other medical practices require a sanitary environment to be perform to keep infectious diseases from compromising peoples immune systems.

Janitorial staff allows companies to perform their business in a clean  and efficient environment which plays an important role in the economy.  Similar to a the liver in the body that's filters toxins allowing your body to operate. 


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