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''Biohazard cleaning services''

30 Jun 2022 2:39 AM | Anthony Epps

Biohazard Cleaning Services is very important part of cleaning that requires a special training that teaching you how to deal with hoarders cleanup, flood cleanup, and forensic clean up . There are benefits to offering this services to the public. We are now certificated in offering Biohazard cleaning services to customers seeking this services.

Eppsolutely Clean Maintenance & Detailing Services LLC is passionate about serving the customers with the right training and best practices to achieve the best outcome from its current state. Following OHSA guidelines and our company policy to ensure the proper approach with addressing school molding, hoarding locations, Forensic cleaning services, and restoration services as well.

We are continuing to grow into one of the best in cleaning Industry. We know what direction we are going and are focused on the company growth within the industry and services we provide. Biohazard Cleaning Services is going to great benefit for our organization. Serving the public at highest level. 


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