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Understanding Exposure and Safety with Bloodborne Pathogens

07 Jun 2023 12:03 AM | Deleted user

There are many reasons why it is important to learn and know about the proper way to clean bloodborne pathogens. To begin, knowing the proper way to clean bloodborne pathogens can significantly decrease the likely hood of an employee or one's self from being infected by any diseases that can be prevalent in bloodborne pathogens. The knowledge of what types of diseases can be lingering within body fluids and blood can help employees be better prepared when arriving at a cleaning site and be cautious of the danger they are exposed to during their daily work routines. Following these protocols can also help reduces the chance of exposure and increase safety within a job site.

Understanding what type of exposure an employee is being presented with during daily routine jobs is important to help prevent the spread of diseases such as HIV, AIDs, and HBV. With these diseases lurking among body fluids and blood on a work site, it is important to inform employees about their risk of being exposed to such diseases and to prevent them from being spread beyond the workplace. Along with knowing what diseases are at risk on a job, it is also important to spread the knowledge of what these diseases can do to one's self if they are exposed. This is important so that employees know why products and procedures are in place. Also, knowing these procedures can help encourage employees to utilize these precautions and prevent these diseases from infecting anyone further.

With this risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens in the workplace, it is important that employees know how to properly handle and dispose of all fluids they come in contact with. Knowing the proper disposal locations for each type of equipment or waste will help reduce the exposure and help keep the crew in proper order for themselves and for possible other employees coming into contact with the waste for disposal. Additionally, beyond disposal, it is also important to understand that cleaning equipment used on the job site with the proper Betco disinfectant can help eliminate exposure beyond the work site.


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