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16 Sep 2022 9:35 PM | Akef Witt

Name brand cleaning products that we buy daily have hazardous toxins that can affect the air quality, health, and the environment. They are so many toxins found in these chemicals that you have to wear certain PPE to avoid harming yourself. Sometimes you just have to question; Why am I so protected, if I'm just cleaning? That answer is because of the harmful toxins inside the product.

Overall Safety plays a huge role in cleaning. It plays a huge role for your staff as well as the people occupying the space. Sometimes you might have to do a school, or a big place with people who might have allergens and might want to consider the health risks of those people if exposed to certain chemicals. You also want to make sure your staff is well protected when making decisions, and in almost all cases natural cleaners are just as effective as name brand store bought products.

Green Cleaning is so important to every living creature because it affects us also. Things we throw away, chemicals we rinse down the drain; Our sea health is just as important. We have to monitor how to dispose of cleaning items, the chemicals we are letting into the air, it all comes back to our food without us even knowing. A green cleaning system can literally save the sea, and the environment, so always try to choose green.


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