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Perform Natural Cleaning

23 Sep 2022 11:10 PM | Akef Witt

Protecting the world population and world from harmful chemicals is very important to me as a cleaner because I have the platform to change the way certain techniques are done. Sometimes when I clean with strong products, I have to air out the house to get rid of the strong odors that chemicals produce.

Sea quality can be improved with the little things we do like avoiding plastics, disposing of things that can harm the environment properly, not flushing chemicals down the drain and so much more. If we took a closer look into a simple microfiber cloth being disposed into a landfill and its affects, just that one action would open your mind about prevention.

Every person should only perform Natural Green Cleaning because it has the same cleaning effects that name brand store products have, just without the harsh chemicals. Meaning you can get the same effective rate as a chemical with a natural cleaner, the only difference is time and how long you may need to let sit and disinfect.

Natural Green Cleaning can improve your home by making it safer, purer air quality, it can protect your health, help the environment, help you save money, make cleaning easier, know knowledge about products, and use the knowledge you learned and create your own products. Sometimes these cleaning store products are just a name and don't have the same effect as 2 natural chemicals mixing and becoming an acid base reaction for cleaning. Trust me Baking soda, and Vinegar will clean everything, vinegar will also clean your window, baking soda will clean your toilets, and sinks brand new and salt and vinegar will clean any carpet stains, and your home will still be ecofriendly. GO GREEN!


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