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Blood Borne Pathogens

04 Oct 2022 3:59 PM | Stefania Ruiz

When working in cleaning one must always remember that following directions, especially with cleaning up biomedical waste, protocol and the right procedures are everything. Bloodborne pathogens are pathogenic microorganisms that are present in human blood and can cause disease in humans. These pathogens include but are not limited to, HBV , HCV, and HIV, according to OSHA.  Workers in house keeping and healthcare must always do all it takes to prevent any injuries with sharp objects and proper protocol when cleaning up bodily fluids.

To reduce the hazards of blood-borne pathogens employers must provide information and practice protocols in place. The plans should always describe how the employer uses work practices and protocols for every type of clean up. For example plan a safe handling disposal procedure. An example that I found on website would be needle-stick proper procedures. Which dictates, " step 1 plan and safe handling and disposal before any procedures, Step 2: Use safe and effective needle alternatives when available, Step3, Activate the device's safety feature, Step 4- Immediately dispose of contaminated needles in OSHA and compliant sharp containers, Step 5: Complete Blood-borne pathogens training." 

Needles are not just the only way to get bloodborne diseases there is also handling laundry with bodily fluids, or bodily fluids cleanup. As a result, training for clean up is just as important as disposal. Clean up includes handling of laundry bags and laundry when putting into bags. Another example is clean up off the floor or in surfaces. When mopping one must also ensure that clean up is done properly and do bodily fluids are splattered everywhere. Finally, clean up of clean up instruments like gloves, buckets, mops all need to be used with care and precaution. 


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