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Why is properly cleaning Healthcare Facilities So Important

20 Apr 2023 7:58 PM | Anonymous

Of all questions asked on the Medical Certification none can be so crucial to understand than asking:"Why is properly cleaning Healthcare Facilities so important?"- and the answer is that "Cleaning hospitals and clinics properly helps prevent infections."

The prevention of infections, illnesses and disease such as : Clostridium Dificille, HIV (the infection leading to contract the illness AIDS), H.B.V (Hepatitis B),and H.C.V. (Hepatitis C) is prevented by practicing good hygiene and implementing strong measures in sanitizing and disinfecting.

Done properly using the right tools and equipment for the job and implementing  proper procedures will ensure that patients,staff and other healthcare workers alike do not get infected and make germs and bacteria less spreadable to visitors, the general community,patients and healthcare workers. 


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