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How being green cleaning certified will benefit my company

01 Oct 2023 10:23 PM | Deleted user

Being green certified will help my company in a few ways. The main reason would be for my and my helps safety. We are handling cleaners all day, everyday. Inhaling all the chemicals is definitely not safe and in the long run, can cause serious lung issues. Going green will ensure this is to less likely happen as we won't be inhaling chemicals that could literally, eat paint off a car. 

Not only would be it safer for myself and my help, it would be more safe for the clients who's homes we are cleaning and their families. They won't be touching surfaces of which are cleaned with harsh chemicals and seeping into their skin. Or their pets are not laying on floors of which was cleaned with a harsh cleaner. Going green will provide the assurance of, " my home is clean and safe", for them. 

Going green will also give me the peace of mind that I am not contributing to the pollution on our planet. That my products are efficient and eco friendly. That what I'm using, isnt soaking into the soil and hurting the plants or washing into the water of which water animals live or we drink from/swim in. 

 I and a lot of other cleaning companies at International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association - Green Cleaning Services ( feel the same way. We could not be more proud to announce that we are green certified and are helping the world, be a little less harsh. 


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