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Importance of Knowing about Bloodborne Pathogens

19 Dec 2023 9:41 PM | Deleted user

There are two main reasons why cleaning employees and staff must know about bloodborne pathogens. First is their and other people's safety and wellbeing. Second, there are certain OSHA requirements that must be met known as the "Bloodborne Pathogen Standard" which will be discussed shortly.

First, let's talk about the safety and well being of employees and staff. The main reason why it is important for employees and staff to know about bloodborne pathogens is so that they can prevent themselves and others from coming into direct contact with contamination and suffer illness or even death. If an employee has no idea that cleaning a puddle of blood can be detrimental to their own health and don't use the proper protective equipment, they are causing harm not only to themselves but can also spread that harm to others.

The second reason it is important for employees and staff to learn about bloodborne pathogens is because it is an OSHA requirement. Not following the proper procedures or not having procedures in place could result in thousands of dollars in fines. The Bloodborne Pathogen Standard developed by OSHA is a set of steps required for employers to have in order to prevent and/or react properly to bloodborne pathogen contamination. To learn more about the Bloodborne Pathogen Standard, visit


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