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benefits of mold awareness

08 Sep 2023 12:36 PM | Deleted user

As a worker in the healthcare field, I have seen the benefits of mold awareness. Inside of hospitals and clinics there are a lot of fluids and biohazardous materials and can also have a good amount of moisture in the air, all of which is ideal environments and conditions for mold to grow.

Making sure all employees are aware of the risk of mold and all ways to prevent it are crucial in the healthcare field, if excess moisture, leaking pipes, or HVAC systems are not checked, monitored and fixed it will lead to mold forming which will then put employees and patients at risk.

being well informed on mold prevention methods and materials along with routine building and system maintenance mold should not be an issue or a reoccurring issue.

Making sure all surfaces, floors, pipes, and appliances are cleaned and dried thoroughly, along with ensuring all HVAC and ventilation systems are functioning properly at all times saves lives and money.


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