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properly cleaning healthcare facilities

11 Jun 2024 9:51 PM | Jennifer Medina

Cleanliness is just as important in a residence or commercial setting if not more important in a healthcare setting. In healthcare facilities, there are many different people with a variety of illnesses and other issues occurring. Because of this, the importance of keeping these facilities clean increase everyday. The purpose of cleaning these facilities is not only to decrease the amount of germs in specific areas, but to also avoid cross contamination. 

Cross contamination is when the transfer of harmful bacteria from one person, place, or object to another. In order to prevent these harmful bacteria from spreading, we clean. As a former emergency medical technician, I have experienced different people with different diseases and each person with a specific disease or illness required different ways to clean. These bacteria can be transferred through airborne particles or even physical touch. 

Properly cleaning a healthcare facility with the proper equipment and supplies decreases the likelihood of germs spreading and can aid in preventing others from getting sick as well. In order to do this, it's important to remember that after each patient gets discharged the room needs to already be cleaned prior to a new patient entering because of the high risk of the germs that are being transferred in that room and the objects in that room being used throughout the day. 


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