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How You Can Implement Medical Cleaning Practices Into Other Residential & Commercial Cleaning Situations

10 Jun 2024 4:52 PM | Jacob Bailey

There are many ways to implement medical cleaning practices into other residential & commercial cleaning situations. The practice of removing trash, disinfecting activity, and maintaining a neat and clean appearance should always be of utmost priority to a cleaner. Whether in a residential home or medical facility, to maintain cleanliness and protect the safety of yourself and others around, the same precautions should also be taken.

Removing trash is a simple task, yet possibly detrimental if done carelessly. Making sure you wear gloves while replacing the bag as well as not pushing down on any matter with your hands, is important to remember. There may be unknown S.H.A.R.P objects not immediately visible, and can be hazardous if handled improperly. If you're ever struck with a S.H.A.R.P object be sure to wash your hands, stop the bleeding, clean the wound, apply an ointment, cover the wound, change the dressing, and watch for signs of infection.

Disinfecting activity should also be implemented outside of medical practices. Although a surface appears to be clean, there are likely viruses and bacteria invisible to the naked eye. Ensuring you are using a disinfectant can rid the home of these germs and prevent them from spreading. Using the cleaners for the recommended time on the product's label is also crucial, as most products need time to sit before drying and cleaning to their full potential. Be sure to check each product's application process, and recommended wet time. 

Maintaining a neat and clean appearance is also important. Although sometimes a dirty job, maintaining a neat and clean appearance displays a level of pride you take in your work. In order to maintain a good level of trust with clients, you must ensure your customers that you are the right person for the job. It is difficult to place trust in someone who doesn’t take pride in presenting themselves, but claims to take pride in their work. Dressing up is not necessary, however making sure your hair is out of the way, nails are cleanly, and clothes are groomed are immediate ways to make good, lasting impressions.

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