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Am I cleaning or hurting my environment #5

20 Dec 2018 8:42 AM | Anonymous

Am I cleaning or hurting my environment with the cleaning products that we use every day? Most of the traditional cleaning products that we use every day are harmful to our health and the environment due to the chemicals they are made with. 

The most common in daily use is chlorine, Sulfuric acid, Ammonia, and Alkylphenol ethoxylates just to mention some of them. These chemicals harm our health in different aspects, some are irritating to the skin, others when we breathe them.

An example is the common glass cleaner or mirrors, some contain Isopropyl alcohol that can irritate the eyes, skin, nose, and throat, and Ammonia which is also an eye irritant and the skin that causes coughing, short breathing and wheezing.

All women like to clean the kitchen with chlorine to kill all germs and disinfect very well to keep the family very healthy, but chlorine is one of the most deadly chemicals since ancient times. But when you smell it for a few minutes it gives you headaches and throat irritation.

For years we have used these products that damage our health, our mood, our environment day by day without knowing that they are the cause.

We can change all this if we clean every day with natural products that do not harm our health or our environment such as vinegar, sodium carbonate, borax, just to mention a few.

Vinegar and water are used to clean and disinfect most surfaces. Baking soda is a very good odor controller just like borax.

Stop hurting yourself and the environment! Find a green cleaning service here. 


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