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Green Cleaning Implementation For Cleaning Service Owners

16 Aug 2019 4:21 PM | Anonymous

There are multiple facets to implementing a green cleaning program in a janitorial business. The three main factors consist of training employees in green cleaning principles, the primary use of green natural products, and regular utilization of green procedures. 

Creating a green cleaning protocol is the initial step to implementing a program. This protocol should include standard training procedures including; safety protocols, inventory of green natural products and their corresponding uses and minimizing environmental impact through the minimized waste creation and appropriate disposal, reduced energy use, and appropriate use of specific green products. Through this training process, there is a consistent cleaning protocol followed by all employees. This consistency ensures the overall entity is implementing the reduce, reuse, and recycle procedures required for green cleaning. This also ensures the employee's safety because regardless of products being green inappropriate use or mixing of products can result in off-gassing or reactions that can be harmful to the employee and building occupants. Our overall goal is to improve environmental and human health by reducing unnecessary exposure to harmful products. 

Green natural cleaning products are the only commercial products that can be guaranteed to meet the requirements of green cleaning needs. These products should replace the inventory of non-green products currently being utilized in janitorial operations. An alternative to store shelf green products is to use self-manufacturing products out of simple ingredients that are known to break down and reduce environmental and human exposure to waste by-products that may further react after use. 

Lastly, the actual implementation of green procedures should include the use of all natural green cleaning products. However, this use should not be in excess, products should be used in only the minimal required quantities to reduce waste. Overall activities should reduce energy use such as turning off lights after completion of a job, utilizing manual methods as opposed to electronic equipment where necessary, and the appropriate disposal of waste and recycling. 

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