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Being Green Cleaning Certified Is Awesome

04 Feb 2019 8:20 AM | Deleted user

Everyday people are becoming more and more conscientious about their health. Being Green Cleaning Certified gives my business the opportunity to service those that are health conscious and trying to help save our environment. This healthy lifestyle and planet saving movement  has emerged in society and we want to play a major role in it. Targeting this audience will give us the ability to play our role in not only growing our business but to contribute to helping people stay healthy.

Many people have become aware of the risks of using chemicals in their homes and how dirty the fumes make the air quality. Chemical ingredients in common household products contain many toxins that make us sick. As a professional cleaning service we take the responsibility of providing the best all around service to our clients from working safely and efficiently. best Being Green Cleaning Certified reduces the risks that come along with "traditional" cleaning products.

Scrub-All Cleaning is dedicated to addressing all aspects of a bona-fide green program. We use color coded cloths to prevent cross-contamination, most of our products are natural, the cleaning products that we use that are not natural are green and stored in recycled material. Our vacuum bags are green and has a 99.9% filtration efficiency. Better filtration means cleaner air and less dust.

Cleaning services that use green cleaning solutions but do not improve air quality are not fully allowing the customer to benefit from the "green clean". Using a good, green, certified filter will reduce asthma or allergy attacks. 

Having a green cleaning service that address the aspects of holistic green cleaning methods provide maximum health benefits to the environment and the people in it. 



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