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BloodBorne Pathogens Safety

08 Jan 2019 9:20 AM | Deleted user

It is important for employees of cleaning companies to learn and understand the dangers that may be present when cleaning. A simple task of clearing out the trash bins or cleaning spills, safety precautions are still important. Blood borne pathogens are microorganisms that are present in human blood and can cause disease in humans. 

Blood borne pathogens are in a person's blood and/ or saliva. It can be transported through the nose and mouth area as well as, any open cuts. Such diseases as Hepatitis B (HBV) & HIV are the main reason why safety is extremely important for anyone working in an environment likely to be exposed to such diseases in fluid. 

Employees can take simple steps to ensure safety and prevent exposure. One must always think any fluid found is contaminated. Never assume, as one may never know. As long as you have the proper protective items you will be able to manage safely with no worries. Along with protecting ones'self we also have to fully disinfect the affected area plus ,any equipment used in the clean up. This will help prevent spreading any diseases.  


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