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Harmful Effects Of Cleaning Chemicals

24 Feb 2019 8:55 AM | Deleted user
There is a lot of cleaning chemicals with volatile organic compounds or (VOCs) such as ammonia and bleach, when mixed together gives you mustard gas.

A dangerous concoction that can have catastrophic consequences and death.

 Chemical education is detrimental and you must know how to use your chemicals. Some chemicals can contribute to allergic reactions, headaches, breathing problems, past studies show link exposure to chemicals from cleaning supplies to occupational asthma.

Chemicals like degreaser are harmful as well some absorb into the skin quickly and may cause liver damage if overexposure occurs. Read all MSDS sheets and get familiar with them be safe. 

Cleaning chemicals like Perchloroethylene which some dry cleaners and spot removers for carpets is a neurotoxin and is a carcinogen. 

A Healthier choice is green cleaning and green cleaning ingredients. Keep our environment clean and have a much safer outcome for years to come. for all your green cleaning needs.


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