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Everyday Cleaning Chemicals vs Green Products

06 Jan 2019 6:22 AM | Deleted user

There are differences in cleaning chemicals compared to natural green products.   Cleaning chemicals have many harmful effects on human health and the environment.   Natural green products are safe and protect the world from respiratory and skin problems.  

The toxins in products that contain chemicals can cause liver and kidney damage.  Some chemicals have also been proven to cause brain and nerve damage.  As well as increase the risk of cancer. 

Natural green products can reduce or eliminate the harmful effects to human health and the environment.  Your health can be improved by going green and reduce sickness.  They have been proven to improve the overall air quality, which will help with respiratory problems.  They are gentle on the skin and can eliminate skin irritation.

You have the ability to protect yourself and others from the harmful effects of cleaning chemicals.  Visit the IJCSA Green Cleaning Service Directory to find certified green clean services. 


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