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Featured member

Being Green Cleaning Certified

18 Dec 2018 10:01 PM | Deleted user

Having completed the certificate with IJCSA, being Green Clean Certified provides many benefits not only to my company but also to my family. We will have peace of mind that we are protecting ourselves, our customers and our employees from harsh chemicals found in everyday cleaning products that are full of harmful toxins. 

We will be able to provide a service to those with allergies or respiratory diseases that require green cleaning to be done in their homes. Being certified, I am able to provide a safe environment for my children knowing they can crawl on the floor or help me with cleaning around the house and not be harmed. 

We are also helping to preserve the environment by using non-toxic and biodegradable products which helps with indoor pollution and also our waterways.   

Being listed on the IJCSA Green Cleaning Service Directory will help our prospective clients find us. They will be confident in knowing that they are receiving cleaning services from a certified green cleaning company. 


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