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Using a Green Cleaning Service

01 Mar 2019 7:24 AM | Deleted user

Using green cleaning ingredients is the way to go when cleaning for consumers.  It is much safer and it is rarely known if someone has a medical condition that may be exacerbated by using harsh toxic chemicals.  Most people don’t prefer a strong-smelling chemical whether it is used in residential cleaning or commercial cleaning.  Using green solutions makes me more environmentally responsible.  Using green earth friendly ingredients saves money for business owners as well as their customers. 

Finding a green cleaning service is the best option for customers and business owners alike.  The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has a list of green cleaning ingredients that they approve of.  The EPA has a safer choice label to identify products certified by them as environmentally safe.  There are legal requirements for products that can be used at schools and child care centers.  I wouldn’t want my child exposed to a toxic chemical that may cause them serious harm.

There are ways to find a green cleaning service.  One way is to search the IJCSA green cleaning service directory.  There are hundreds of green cleaning companies listed in the directory including Green Clean Ohio and Newline Eco-Friendly cleaning services.  There are many more with green cleaning certifications.  Using a certified green cleaning company shows responsibility on the consumers part too. 

Find Certified Green Cleaning Services Here


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