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It Is A Green Cleaning Revolution In California

11 Jan 2019 12:18 PM | Lisa Lemons
California is experiencing a "green" revolution in every way. The state legislators has put California in the fore-front of the green revolution by passing laws to make California the leader of protecting the environment. 

As a business owner and cleaning company we want to be on the right side of history it is also our responsibility to be part of the "green" revolution.

Chemical based cleaning products is a billion dollar industry and continues to grow. Take a minute and think about that a billion dollars worth of chemicals and the raw materials it takes to make these products is a danger to our environment and health. These chemicals absorbs into the soil and waterways causing toxins that are dangerous to the planet and humans. Furthermore, the cost of chemical based products cost more per volume.

When we decided to add cleaning services to our business we began using chemical based products such as Butyl cellosolve and petroleum distillates used in products such as oven cleaners not only are these chemicals very hazardous to the environment they are unhealthy. In my opinion oven cleaners are the most toxic cleaners manufactured for cleaning. 

Going "green" is one of the best decisions we made not only are "green" products safer for the environment they are also safer for my team. When it comes to costs, green products are actually cheaper than chemical based products due to the fact green products are highly concentrated which means a little can go a long way. 

Our company have created a combination of several different green and natural products such as a mixture of vinegar and fresh lemon rinds which makes a wonderful oven cleaner and de-grease! It is inexpensive and works very well on stubborn grease and stains without the toxicity. It's often said plant based cleaning products do not clean and sanitize like chemical products, I disagree, with the right combination of green products they can deep clean and sanitize better than any chemical products. 

Becoming a member of IJCSA and earning the "green" seal of approval certificate will make Exit Stage Right Cleaning stand out above the rest!

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