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The Importance of Being aware of Blood born pathogens

15 Jan 2019 8:40 PM | michael jones

It is vital to be aware of anything that is potentially dangerous at home or at work. If your job comes with anything that puts you at a greater risk, Knowledge is truly power, especially when it is something so simple to over look.

we have all had cuts, scrapes or shots and bled at some point in our lives, we become accustom to what blood is, it is a very simple thing to over look, just like using electricity in our every day lives. We can for get how dangerous it is. it is easy to not shake hands with someone when you see they are sick, but easy to forget that we can not see blood born pathogens, so not washing your hands after cleaning could put other at risk as well. 

Knowing how to clean and dispose of blood or any body fluids is the first line of defense to prevent you or anyone else from preventable danger. Just like driving a car can be dangerous, there are many ways to prevent unnecessary accidents, We should Always pay attention to what you are doing. We should never just become complacent. When we do we may inadvertently hurt ourselves or others. 


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