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Conventional cleaning products affect your microbiome

23 Jan 2019 9:18 AM | Julie Lesage


I've been very interested in the research done about the human microbiome for the past 5 years.  Long story short, while trying to cure bad cases of c-diff, they discovered that by transferring fecal matter from one person to another, they can change the microbiome and cure the disease.  They also discovered that the recipient would also gain or lose weight to match the donor's profile. You heard it right, your microbiome affects your weight and your health.  


Why am I saying this? Because they also shown that conventional cleaning products can have a harmful effect on the microbiome.  Here is an interesting article about it:  


Conventional household cleaners could be making children overweight by altering their gut microbiota.  The good news:  they did not find the same association with green products.  Harmful chemical kills beneficial bacteria that helps us staying healthy.  By using green products, you protect your friendly bacteria.



Do you suffer from allergies?  Allergies are rampant nowadays (  Conventional cleaning products are known to worsen allergies ( such as chlorine).  Green products do not have the same effects unless you are allergic to green products ingredients (citrus for example) however, you can easily identify the culprit and replace it.


If conventional products are carcinogens, neurotoxins, mutagens, teratogens, endocrine disrupters, toxic, flammable etc.. and green products are therapeutics … the choice is not hard to make. Choose your cleaning services here



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