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Dangerous cleaning chemicals or natural cleaning products? That is the question.

29 Jan 2019 11:49 AM | Deleted user

Cleaning is an important and common process of our daily life. Cleaning the table, polishing the floor, washing the fruits …It is everywhere. After use of the dangerous chemical cleaners, looks like the room is much cleaner and smells better than before. But, are you sure?

Toxic ingredients can always be found in everyday cleaning chemicals. It is no exaggeration to say that those complicate chemical compounds can irritate the organs, weaken the immune system, and cause disease during long-term exposure. Alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEs), can be found in laundry and dish detergents, are considered to be hormone disruptors.

What is worse, the chemical ingredients in common cleaners cannot be biodegradable in the natural environmental, which cause a series of chronic problems on the earth. Some of them can release the VOC and evaporate into the air and lead to global warming, which is having a devastating effect on our one and only planet in our solar system that we can live on. Earth! 

When we notice it is our responsible for a variety of environmental problems, we can take some steps to reduce the damage that we are causing. Choose environmentally-friendly cleaners rather than using traditional chemical cleaners is a simple but effective method to improve our health and the environment. Some of the natural cleaners are easy to get and work better than chemical cleaners. NON-TOXIC HOME CLEANING. By using those cheaper, low allergenic, non-toxic, and biodegradable cleaning agents, we can definitely make our in-door and out-door environment better. 

As the human population increases, the demand of natural cleaner is growing. IJCSA provides a platform for everyone to learn how green cleaning is important and to show how many great cleaning companies can make the earth better. With this IJCSA Green Cleaning Directory, it is so easy to find a green cleaning company who can provide a great and well-designed green cleaning service for the home or office. 


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