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The importance of blood-borne certification pathogens training

12 Mar 2019 7:02 AM | Deleted user

The importance of blood-borne certification pathogens training is very often under-rated. It is of the utmost important that owners, employees are trained with the latest material. As blood-borne pathogens are everywhere, every second of every minute,of every hour,of every day,week,month,of every year and so on. workers in the health care industry and related occupations are at risk of blood-borne pathogens, including human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), hepatitis B virus (HBV), hepatitis C virus (HCV) on a frequent basis. 
Bodily secretions such as but not limited to saliva, semen, vomit, snot,  etc. Without the proper training and safety equipment such as protective eye wear,apron,disposable latex gloves. The risk of exposure is can be minimized by educating and being diligent in making a plan of action and following it, but also continually evolving the plans, and evolving with the risk of greater threats. Without proper training  may just wipe up blood with out gloves, compact garbage with hands, or throw blooding bedding in garbage.

     The IJCSA bloodborne training provided also insures the people that we serve, treat  will also be insured a clean, non infectious facility, to sleep, work, have a medical procedure in with being made ill. With employees being educated about the risk of blood-borne pathogens we are eliminating possible exposure one step at a time. Thus ensuring one less pathogen exposure at a time. Saving lives, one training at a time. 


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