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How To Implement A Green Cleaning Program

11 Mar 2019 8:28 AM | Maria Suazo

The real value of this green cleaning certification depends on how this knowledge can benefit my customer.

These are the steps that I will follow to implement a green cleaning program inside my company.

The first, is tell the customer about the new green cleaning certification. 

Second, Inform the client about the benefits that a green certified commercial cleaning can bring to them, employees, and the community.

Third, explain what is green cleaning. 

Four, talk about the safe products that we use and give them a list.

Fifth, communicate with the employees the importance of safe and natural green cleanings.

Sixth, after the first cleaning get a review from my customers  and employees to see if they prefer the natural cleanings over the hazardous chemical cleanings.  

Seventh, spread the word that our company now only uses natural cleaning practices that are safe for everybody. 

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