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Make sure you choose "Green Wisely"

18 Feb 2019 4:28 PM | Deleted user

  When choosing a janitorial service for your home or business, and looking for "Green" companies, research what their idea of green is. Environmentally friendly cleaning programs can vary widely in how low their environmental impact is.

  Another consideration is, how effective are the cleaners being used? We still want our surfaces to look clean. Do the practices used disinfect? A large part of cleaning is the reduction of germs, bacteria, viruses. A main concern in our effort to keep our homes and business "clean" is reducing the chance for illnesses.

   Who determines if a cleaning solution is considered a "Green Product'? Many companies use certain, very publicly recognized cleaners such as Ecosense, 7th Generation, Method. At least these are in marked packaging with ingredient lists and environmental claims. There are an equal number of janitorial companies that "make" their own solutions. I would really ask exactly what is in each solution in the spray bottles that are used on your property. Is what's being used widely accepted as effective and environmentally friendly? Does it deliver a good result? Does it disinfect?

   Does the janitorial service use washable cloths, mops, dusters or disposable wipes and paper towels? Disposable items negatively impact the environment. Washable, re-usable items are considered a "green practice". Green Practices are just as important as utilizing green solutions to clean with.

  To sum it up, do your research before you choose a janitorial services company. If you are a janitorial service business owner, consider all of the aspects of truly being a "Green Company" and strive to commit yourself to it.

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