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Green Cleaning Is Healthy And Happy!

11 Feb 2019 2:51 PM | Deleted user

 One of the most important benefits of implementing green cleaning solutions and practices into my company has been the health of myself and my employees.

  Prior to using non-toxic alternatives, we were all occasionally ill from over exposure to chemicals in our cleaning products. Some products would make a few cough uncontrollably and wouldn't bother others. Chlorine cleaners burned our eyes and we literally had to leave the room and get some "air'. 

  After changing our practices, the business bonus benefit began. Through marketing I have discovered that there are large parts of our community that value all of the aspects of a company that strives to have a minimal negative impact on our world. Word of mouth referrals have been impressive.

  When I researched green cleaning solutions, I was afraid that I just couldn't afford to go Green. I came across Ecosense by Melaleuca at a local farmers market. I was doubly blessed when these products turned out to be very effective and 1/5th the cost of grocery store brands.

   If you wish to "Go Green', you can afford it, you can implement it. It just takes research and effort. Network with others. There is a wealth of knowledge out there.

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