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Bloodborne Pathogens In The Custodial/Janitorial Work Field

10 Feb 2019 10:39 AM | Nichol Smith

  Did you know that you can be exposed to HIV & HBV in the custodial/ janitorial positions in the work field? You can be exposed to these bloodborne pathogens from cleaning up after vomit, cuts, nose bleeds and even diarrhea for example. Bloodborne pathogens are pathogenic microorganisms that are present in human blood that can cause diseases in other humans. If proper precautions are not taken you can expose yourself and others to these deadly bloodborne pathogen viruses. 

  With Knowing that occupational exposure to the HIV & HBV bloodborne pathogens could mean the difference between life and death, proper precautions must be in place. Training, personal protective equipment (PPE), disinfectants, tools and safe cleaning practices can help keep others & yourself from being exposed to these bloodborne pathogens. Employers must provide training, PPE and vaccinations prior to any assignment at no cost to the employee.  As well as, a written exposure control plan to follow to ensure the safety for everyone involved.

  Bloodborne pathogens is very dangerous if proper techniques and procedures are not taken. Knowledge, training and proper equipment is the tools you need to create a safe working environment. By using safe cleaning practices and reacting as though each instance is potential for exposure, you can ensure that others and yourself are safe from these bloodborne pathogens. 

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