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The Advantages of Green Cleaning Certification for Companies and Individuals

31 Mar 2019 11:24 AM | Anonymous

Many people associate the smell of bleach with cleanliness and do not believe that something can be cleaned without harsh chemicals. This is not true and has contributed to harming the environment and the health of the population. Green cleaning is a broad term which encompasses any cleaning practice that is not harmful to individuals and is eco-friendly. 

The best way to become knowledgeable about green cleaning techniques is through IJCSA's Green Cleaning Certification Course. This course provides businesses and individuals with the skills they need to utilize green cleaning practices in their businesses and their day-to-day lives. 

Green Cleaning Certification is also a sign to potential customers that your business is committed to using chemicals and techniques which are best for people and the environment. Customers may ask about what certifications your business has in regards to green cleaning and it is best to be prepared. 

After you pass the Green Cleaning Certification Course, your business can be verified in IJCSA's Directory. This gives you an advantage over competitors which cannot be overstated. 


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