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Featured member

Bloodborne Pathogens Are Deadly To Cleaning Employees

09 Feb 2020 7:45 AM | Deleted user

Blood Borne Pathogens are pathogenic microorganisms that are present in the human body that can cause a disease in the humans. the pathogens included, but are not limited to hepatitis B which is known as the (hbv) and human immunodeficiency virus which is (hiv).

Bloodborne pathogens can be transmitted when the blood or body form an infected person enters another person's body by needles, human bites, cuts, abrasions and through the mucous membrane such as nose and mouth. all body fluids with blood is potentially infectious.

What I think is great about knowing what blood-borne is for is to help the safety of any staff so that if we were hurt by the many things that could happen. Staff and employees know how to protect themselves. Without this knowledge and protections staff and employees are at risk of possible death. Some of the smallest things that are normally overlooked by cleaning employees can kill them. That is why this training is so valuable. 

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