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What are the Benefits of having a "Green Cleaning" program?

04 Apr 2019 10:04 AM | Deleted user

Some benefits of using green cleaning in my business will include providing a safe environment for customers. This means good health for the public, in your home and your work place. Did you know that there are over 62 dangerous chemicals found in the average home? This is not so good. Green Cleaning ensures a natural atmosphere in your home in turn you will have a safe environment also at home.

Green Cleaning products also disinfect just as good or better than your old fashioned cleaning products; destroying harmful bacterias like, E. Coli, Salmonella and Shigella Bacteria. 

Eco Friendly/Green clean products are safe for pregnant or nursing women, children and pets. 

Opting to use green cleaning products will not only reduce the risk of harming anyone in the home, it will help in reducing the harmful effects of toxic chemicals that get washed into the environment. They can be used with the confidence that the ingredients are easy to find when making at home, and the ingredients will not have any harmful effects on anyone. 

Poor health in the United States has sparked the interest of many to try more eco friendly green clean products. Having the green clean option as part of my business could potentially be my greatest asset.

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