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Importance of Bloodborne Pathogens & Cleaning Personnel

27 Feb 2019 2:53 PM | Deleted user

It is very important for cleaning professionals to know about bloodborne pathogens because it can cause human disease. Infections can be spread through the blood and also body fluids. You can be exposed to bloodborne pathogens if they come in contact with your nose or mouth. Also if you have an open wound in the skin and if you come in contact with dirty needles. In order to help prevent exposure to bloodborne pathogens it is safe to not eat,drink,smoke, or apply lip balm in the affected area.

If you are a cleaning professional there are tools you can use to further prevent exposure to bloodborne pathogens and to stop them from spreading. First it is very important to always wear gloves and eye protection. When removing trash it is important to not compress the trash bag in case there are dirty needles inside. If needles are found make sure they are thrown in the proper container. These tools are important for employees but can be taught to friends and family members to increase their safety. 

Cleaning the infected area is very important to decrease the spreading of bloodborne pathogens. Never use the same sponge or towel after cleaning the infected area. Remove wet cloths carefully without splashing. If there is body fluid present then there are spill kits to soak up the fluid. Make sure to disinfect the area with the appropriate supplies. This is important because if you do not disinfect the area then whoever uses the facility after you is exposed to bloodborne pathogens and can further spread. After cleaning dispose of gloves then wash your hands to help reduce the spread of disease. If you believe you came in contact with bloodborne pathogens tell your supervisor immediately and make sure to document it. By following all these safety precautions you can save yourself from getting infectious diseases and other protect the people around you.

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