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How Being Green Cleaning Certified Benefits Us

03 Mar 2019 11:53 AM | Rosario Pezzulo

Being green cleaning certified has its perks. For staters, a certification in green cleaning demonstrates to potential clients that we are well aware of the harmful side effects of using conventional cleaners packed with chemicals.

A green cleaning certification also shows that we are qualified to tailor a green cleaning program designed to improve indoor air quality and maintain a healthy, sanitized facility.

By equipping us with knowledge on the many dangers lurking inside traditional cleaners and disinfectant bottles, a green cleaning certification allows us to carefully choose what products claiming to be "eco-friendly" we use.

So what's not to like? Getting green cleaning certified can certainly help take your company to new heights by opening up an entirely new market for you: green cleaning services!

Event better, IJCSA allows you to show off your green cleaning certification in their Green Cleaning Directory! Check it out below:


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