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Bloodborne pathogens - knowledge is key.

04 Mar 2019 6:51 PM | Deleted user

Bloodborne pathogens are incredibly dangerous and having a knowledgeable and trained staff is extremely important in preventing the spread of them.  Having trained employees is priceless, the smallest of mistakes or oversight could have life long effects when it comes to proper cleaning techniques and disposal of contaminated material. 

Most anyone can clean up a spill or bodily fluid accident and have the area look clean again but having the knowledge to actually remove any health risks by properly disinfecting, protecting yourself during the clean up and knowing the steps to take to prevent spreading any contamination are very important.  If an employee without the knowledge and training were to mop an infected area and not disinfect the equipment being used and then used it elsewhere they would put themselves and everyone that comes into contact with those areas at risk.  

Taking the approach that all bodily fluids are contaminated takes any guess work out of the equation and creates a safe and clean environment for everyone. Proper training makes you and your company an asset to any other company and is worth the investment. 

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