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"Green Cleaning" AD

12 Mar 2019 11:10 AM | Thomas Wilkinson

When shopping for a company to clean your office you should consider a company that provides a “Green Solution” Like many of the companies listed here

Why should you consider a “Green” cleaning provider - Caustic/harmful chemicals can have an immediate or long term effect on humans and our environment. I can remember when growing up in the hotel industry we had chemicals that I was not allowed to get near or use because they were so harmful they could eat through your skin in moments. Did they clean well? you bet they did. But they also left behind harmful residues and gases, I can remember having to open all the windows for a few hours to allow those to clear and one of our products actually ate through the plastic container. Times have changed, and we now know that these older chemicals have some very harmful side effects associated with them. From Cancers to poising our water systems and ground.

If you don’t want to believe me just do a google search and you can find many articles like the ones listed below.

When you go with a green cleaning provider you have the assurance that the space you are having cleaned is being done with safety in mind. So, when you are searching for that next cleaning company please consider one of the many great companies listed here:

Go with a Green cleaning company so that you can be assured they are going to be using safe cleaning solutions and recycled eco friendly products.


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