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Should be your 1st WARNING sign- Cleaning products with warning labels

26 Feb 2020 4:29 PM | Thomas Wilkinson

While some states are passing laws on green cleaning products, cleaning companies are going to be faced with the fact that they can go green like these companies or eventually go out of business for not keeping with the times. As the “green clean” trend grows in demand its origins are clear and easy to grasp. In an article I read this quote: ““We should no longer be limited to repairing damage after it has been done; nor should we continue to allow the entire environment to be used as a laboratory.” – Council on Environmental Quality report published in 1971” really struck me. 

We have known cleaning chemicals have been linked to cancer, death, water supply and ground poisoning and yet we still use them today. There are plenty of great eco-friendly products and green cleaning companies to choose from. There was a time when chemists would come up with a great solution for cleaning a product and everyone would clamber for it only to discover years down the road that it has a long-lasting detrimental effect on biological life and the environment.

Besides all the known side effects like cancer, sterility, caustic burns take a look at this search result for study+ lungs + cleaning + agents  The evidence is out there educate yourselves on the products you/your company uses the results may just change your mind.

Cleaning products with warning labels should be an indication to all that there is something horribly dangerous with the product, do your research on what the harmful ingredient is and then see if there isn’t an equivalent product that has no warning labels, and instead has a green cleaning solution certification sticker.  Knowledge does not have to be a factor anymore, we know, we have learned from those past mistakes and now need to practice what we learned.

Our environment is precious to all of us and if we do not stop polluting it what will be left for our future generations. We cannot keep polluting our ground water and soil with these harmful agents at the rate we have been, or we will lose resources. We need to stop introducing harmful chemicals into our living and working spaces. To stop the effects of leaching of chemicals or the harm it can cause another human being or yourself, action has to start with each and everyone of us.

As a cleaning company, by going green, you know that your employees are safe, the clients are safe, and you have done everything you can to reduce the chemical foot print we leave behind if we all did our part then this world we live in will be a much safer place.  Did your chemicals cost you a bit more? Could have, but boy is it worth it.

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