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OCD Cleaning goes "Green"

12 Mar 2019 12:24 PM | Thomas Wilkinson

OCD Cleaning is about a healthier environment for our client’s, their workers, ourselves and our planet. We all know that cleaning properly promotes a healthier space, but when caustic and harmful chemicals are used other health factors are introduced. Then while the work space is clean of germs and bacteria the chemicals left behind can have immediate or long-term effects on those who encounter them.

OCD Cleaning prides itself on the fact that we implement Green cleaning practices which means more than just utilizing Green chemicals. That is why we are Green Clean Certified with IJSCA.ORG .

OCD Cleaning not only uses Green Products exclusively, we also avoid the use of throw away cleaning products, set up a recycle program for trash created while cleaning. Finally, we utilize recycled goods whenever possible to replenish bathroom and kitchen supplies in the client’s space. As we all work to help reduce our foot print we leave on the environment

Our certification from IJCSA allows our clients the peace of mind that their work spaces are safe, and OCD Cleaning is doing everything in its power to protect our environment. If you choose to go with another company hopefully you will choose one of my competitors who adheres to Green Cleaning Practices.


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