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08 Mar 2020 11:54 AM | Deleted user

The new movement "GREEN CLEANING" .Lets compare the old with the new, in the cleaning world. The great depression days are over, no need for people to have to deal with hazardous conditions at their job. In the cleaning industry and many households worldwide we clean with our ordinary household cleaning supply that we purchase at our local store. From mopping to whipping, buffing to stripping, are only a few of the many other cleaning tasks that requires cleaning supplies like bleach, ammonia, pine and other disinfectant that are use for multipurpose cleaning. Mixing bleach and ammonia it's a great mistake, the two chemicals mixed will cause a concoction that will suffocate you and even can kill you.. the combination is toxic to human and pets. The most popular is the "all purpose cleaner"- a product that we rely on to keep our areas germ free and clean without knowing that we are creating a toxic room. These cleaning supplies are proven triggers to a asthmatic patients, hazardous to kids, pets and specially to the cleaners. Horrible!

Going green has given people in our society a choice. We no longer have to feel at threat when walking in to a clean fresh house or establishment or feeling nervous  to spray the counters because of the hazardous odors from these chemicals that our cleaning supply are made from. the old ways raised a lot of red flags the new way helps you perform your job or task better knowing that your cleaning supply is sustainable, eco friendly, pet friendly, non-toxic and odorless making the environment much cleaner, fresh and safer.

THE GREEN MOVEMENT companies and households around the world are dishing out the old ways and welcoming the new safe way. The green way. Making workers and family in the U.S.A feel safe. click on link if interested in company's that are certified green cleaning services or for more information on Green cleaning click on the links.


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